Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday continued.....

Kayla's therapist came this afternoon. Kayla likes to see her but Lyssa LOVES to see her. She has all kinds of neat toys in her bag that Kayla Bug gets to play with. Lyssa is so jealous. Today, it was too cold and rainy for Lyss and me to go outside to play so she got to have therapy too. She wound up in the therapists lap, afraid she might miss something. When Kay was ready to leave, Lyssa just decided to go with her. She's never done that before!! That bag is really nifty....

Lyssa has cleaned the floor with a slightly used diaper.....cleaned up apple juice with a dirty washcloth, THEN washed Kayla's face with it and spilled a glass of tea all over her, the floor, couch and Kayla. The day is not done yet.

Kayla, thankfully, has had a quieter day. I'm just hoping she is not watching and learning. One of her favorite sayings is, "Lyssa!! No! No!" I wonder why?? I think Kayla thinks that is Lyssa's full name.

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