Saturday, March 26, 2011

History of the Duo 101 (or whatever)

I guess I need to start before the Duo were actually born.  I had just got back from a trip to Europe and was planning trips to New York and Ireland in the near future.  Life was good.....Chuck and I were talking about semi retiring and traveling more.  Since we live on a cattle ranch in southeastern Oklahoma and ranching is in my husband's blood, semi retiring was as good as it was ever gonna get.  So getting back to those days of yesteryear.....June was good, by July a little speck of suspicion had taken up residence in the back of my mind but easily ignored.  August came in with the bomb "pregnant" word and was not so easily ignored.  We were going to be grandparents again and the circumstances were not good. 

The first time I saw the blobs before they became dynamic was the ultrasound.  I was not happy to be there and was bound and determined not to take any active part.  My daughter "thought" she might be eight months along but didn't know, so I was so absolutely furious and just wanted to be somewhere else having a root canal.  When the very nice lady that I was doing my best to ignore, first touched the tummy, two little white balls appeared.  Now I'm thinking (from across the room), that can't be what I think it is..... By the time I came back to my senses, I'm leaning over the technicians shoulder nearly nose to the screen with white spots dancing before my eyes!! 

to be continued.........

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