Saturday, March 26, 2011

History of the Duo 103 (Part 3)

I don't usually ask my church for prayer...right or wrong...that's just me.  The odds where not good for the twins even though they seemed to be doing extremely well.  The strong medications they had been swimming in for so many weeks had the possibility of causing long term damage.  Brain damage, muscle control, breathing problems, hearing and eye sight damage were all discussed at this point.  They weren't out of the woods by a long shot.  I started calling my church and other churches to get a prayer chain started.  We needed a miracle.

During this time, our daughter was still saying she wanted to keep them but in the next sentence would say she didn't know how she was going to handle one, much less two babies AND a seven year old.  I began to get a very sinking feeling. 

The doctors told me the twins would be in the hospital for 4 to 6 weeks at least but probably longer.....maybe we could take them home by Christmas. Since I was working and also taking care of the seven year old grand daughter, I had to go home, leaving the daughter to watch over the day to day care of the twins.  This was a very conflicted time because I could not call and talk to anyone in authority.  My daughter was actually in charge of all information and that information wasn't being passed on in it's entirety.   I finally called the head nurse and told her I realized she couldn't actually tell me anything but if she ever thought I needed to come, to please call.  She called the next day.  I drove to Oklahoma City to find the authorities had been notified and things were pretty dramatic.  We had a very real chance of the twins being taken straight from the hospital into foster care. I've never been in a situation where I had to grovel but I was more than happy to promise anything they threw at me to keep the twins in our care.  That is actually when the twins became real and so very important to me.  I went through all the classes that a new mother goes through to learn to take care of premature babies....overnight.  The authorities decided to let me take the twins home if I would be responsible for them and keep them in our home AND they had to have monitors on twenty four hours a day.  Of course, then the authorities in our county took over to make sure I was going to keep my word.  I don't blame them.....I was really glad that they took the situation seriously but it was still a very scary time.  I knew I would never hurt these babies.........but what if I made a mistake???

After a month in the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, the Duo came home.  They weighed quite a bit less than five pounds each but were....thank you Lord!!...healthy.  That was such a miracle.  We found out later, four sets of twins were born at the hospital that week......the Dynamic Duo were the only ones that both survived. 

to be continued.......


  1. You and Chuck are doing a fantastic job! :)

  2. Wow, what a story!!! Love ya, Jen M.

  3. You are an amazing person!!!!!

  4. You are a good person for doing what u are doing, they are loved!

  5. I have the upmost respect for you Pat.... and I enjoy reading your blog. Please continue.


  6. My Aunt Oleta & Uncle Gib, raised the most wonderful daughter, and God has truly Blessed you. This post brought tears, my love to you and Chuck, Thank you for sharing with us!!