Friday, September 28, 2012

Potty training 101

Potty training, after many starts and stops is once again in full swing. Over the years my philosophy on training has changed dramatically. I no longer go into it like a soldier to it is more like a drunk in a bar. I realized early on that twins were going to be a little more challenging to train. When one was agreeable to be led to the potty the other couldn't be drug into that room. When the first "no, no," was heard the first twin immediately decided that she couldn't possibly go in there either. That's how the bar idea came into being. We still live in a sippy cup world but Chuck gives the girls bathroom cups in the morning while he is brushing his teeth. They think it is the greatest thing to get to drink...and spill...water in a real cup. I got to thinking this might be incorporated into a useful potty tool. The only time they get juice now is when they are sitting on the potty AND they get it in their prized cups. Works every time!

Our family circus.....

Trying to play catch up after not posting for so long has intimidated instead, I decided to jump right in and worry about it later. 

Yesterday was one of those days that everything just wiggles in different directions.  I wanted to make some bows....Lyssa wanted to climb Mount Everest....and Kayla wanted to be a public announcer.  In other words, Lyssa was into everything high...such as kitchen counters where she can get into the knives and Kayla tattled at the top of her lungs.  The naughty spot has a nose print rubbed bare so after the fourth kitchen counter episode Chuck made Lyssa go to her room and lie down.
We could have peeled skin with less painful screaming.....with Kayla as the helpful chorus.  When it calmed down I began to worry. I have found as long as there is noise I know where they are....the silence is anything but golden around here.  Chuck is still a little slow on the uptake....he STILL thinks quiet is something good.  sigh

When I checked...Lyssa WAS still in bed but but giggling....and Kayla was jumping on her saying "You stay in bed or get swatted!"  She's a Nazi in training.