Monday, May 30, 2011

Kayla Bug

Kayla is our more solemn child.  She makes us work for it a little harder, but she has the sweetest smile that lights up her whole face.  Also she has become the baby of the family.....and really likes it. 

Kayla has had a little rougher start than Lyssa.  She was the smaller by half an ounce, which doesn't seem like much.....unless you are a very small preemie.  The drugs had a bigger impact with Kayla and the doctors told me this is often the case with the lower, or "A" baby.  Things such as fine motor skills and balance had to be worked on a little longer.  Thankfully, through therapy, she has caught up in nearly everything that she should be doing for her age.  She can run, throw a ball, stand on her tip toes and most importantly, to dance!  When we started with a therapist, she couldn't hold a ball, much less throw it.  Her fingers wouldn't work together so we had to teach her how to pinch her fingers together to hold an object.   Marshmallows are very good for this so we spent a lot of times with mashmallows, cheerios, and green beans.  Most parents don't even notice the day their child learns to grasp small was a major thing at this house. 

One day, we had been working with cheerios and Kayla was really getting frustrated and dropping everything.  Lyss reached over from her high chair and fed Kayla  from her bowl.  We've really had to work hard not to give in to her.  It would be so much easier to feed her or just carry her when she falls but instead, we have to walk away and let her slowly pick up those bits of food or pick herself up. 

She has the bigger vocabulary and strangely, "turkey" was one of her first words.  For days, everything was turkey.  Now she has moved on to "duck" as her favorite word.  Hummingbirds, Blue Jays, eagles....they're all ducks to Kayla.  Another favorite thing is to "read" to us.  She spends a lot of time reading her favorite books to whomever will sit under her.  Some day we hope she learns English so we can understand what she is reading.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jake...the grandson

Jake, our 12 year old grandson spent the weekend. This is the monologue when we were ready to take him home.
Me: Did you get your clothes out of the dryer??
Jake: Yep.
Me: Your socks too?
Jake: Yeah! (eye roll)
Me: Both of them??
Jake: Oh....what a minute....I'll meet you in the car!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Flowers and the Duo don't grow together.

Chuck brought me a big load of dirt for my flower beds yesterday.  I'm not sure why.  I don't have flower beds....I have weed beds....or big holes where the dogs sleep.  Once I started planning my flower planting in January or February.  Now I just look at the yard and sigh.  But wait!  Help is on the way!  Chuck has built a corral...excuse me...fence for the Duo to play in.  He only had to pull up two of my best bushes to do it but the sacrifice is worth it.  I can actually chain...oops...fence them in and play in the dirt.  Of course, I have to keep them off the trampoline, make sure they don't do a header off the slide, trip and fall on the concrete porch (Lyss has only done that twice already), or climb the fence. 

So far I have some nifty dirt beds......

The Dynamic Birth Day

I've skipped over much and find myself thinking of the day...or in this case, night the twins were born.  I've mentioned before, the twins have an older sister that we were taking care of.  She had been seeing her mom nearly every day, so when her mom went into the hospital this was a really rough time for her.  Every other weekend she went to visit her dad so the weekends we had her, I took her to the hospital. 

These visits were pretty stressful for me, since the child was pulled in two different directions so much.  Our daughter thought it was fun to tell her she could do something after I had told her no.  I have a problem understanding that type of fun especially when a child is the one that suffers.   Enough whining.

October 10th, Chuck was going to be out of town until late.  It was the time of year that he is gone a lot, buying stocker calves.  This morning he headed off south and granddaughter and I got up early and headed off west.  My plan was to get there early, let them visit and then leave early for the long trip home.  Hmmmm, best laid plans.  We had a decent visit and though she had been having slight contractions the doctor said there was no immediate problem, so we headed home.  We got to Henryetta when the doctor called and said  I probably needed to come back.  So here I go back with this very tired seven year old that had turned into a limp noodle.  I carried/dragged her back to the hospital with her just wanting the nearest bed.  And.....the contractions had stopped.  Don't get me wrong...this was great.  So I start the process of carrying/dragging to leave......and they start again.  Third time, they don't stop and the doctors decide they can't give her anything else.  Showtime!!  

Since I had the little limp noodle with me, I couldn't go into the delivery room...that was hard because I had gotten to see all but one of my other grandchildren born.  In the back of my mind though, I wasn't too disappointed because I didn't think they would be all right.  Since it was close to midnight, there was absolutely no one around and no one to ask how things where going.  The doctor had told me that the babies would be born before midnight.  Midnight got closer and closer... then passed with still no word.  No one EVER came to tell me anything.  I finally propped the door open so I could still see the sleeping child, and walked down the hall until I could find the delivery room door and knocked.  Still no one would tell me anything!!  See....I was only the grandmother, not a parent, and they were not allowed to tell me anything without my daughter's express consent and she was unconscious.  When they finally brought the babies out, the nurses would not stop and let me look so I ran along with them to the elevator.  The little china dolls were breathing on their own and that's all I knew.   It was two hours before I cut through the red tape to be allowed in to see them and talk to their nurses.  At 29 weeks gestation, they were in surprisingly good shape but everyone was very cautious about their chances.  Nearly every preemie baby has set backs the first few days.  Miraculously, neither twin every had any problem.  They came home three weeks before the doctor had originally projected and have done great ever since.  They are definitely, the Dynamic Duo.

Monday, May 9, 2011


First I have to say I swiped these from Ree Drummonds but I'm pretty sure she swiped them from someone else so I don't feel too guilty.

1 German chocolate cake mix
1 Cup chopped pecans
1/2  Cup Butter
1/3 Cup Evaporated Milk
60 Caramels
1/2 Cup Evaporated Milk
1/4 Cup Powdered Sugar

Mix dry cake mix, pecans, 1/3 C. milk and melted butter together.  This will be about like cookie dough.  Divide into 2 equal amounts.  Press 1/2 in well greased pan.  I use an oblong but a square one will be fine....just thicker.  Bake 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees.  Remove

Melt in a double boiler, caramels and 1/2 C. milk.  Pour over the brownie base.

Turn out remaining dough on wax paper and press into an oblong (or square) a little smaller than pan.  Set on top of caramels.  Bake 20-25 minutes.

Remove and cool.  DO NOT CUT  Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.  Sift powdered sugar on top and cut.

Remember me when you eat them.......just not naked....