Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Duo Sunday

Sunday mornings are a wild time around here.  Getting two little squirming ladies ready to meet their public is always a challenge but for some reason, Sundays just go in slow motion. 

Finally off to church, after I have to go back to get a soapy washcloth to clean all the  places that were missed the first....and second time.  It seems like the first time I really get to see them is when I've got them penned up and tied down in their carseats. 

Church was good for me and no one told me about any catastophe so I guess the nursery is still standing too.  Lyssa has to walk in to church by herself now and has to peep into every classroom on the way to her room.  Kayla deems to be still carried.......everywhere, if I will.  Her room is in Drama Queen decor....I wonder why???

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping.  Even I tried to take one...but alas, it's just a waste of my time.  I usually just lie there thinking of a hundred things I could be doing.....could, not would. 

The Duo got up to play in the hogpen which means taking every toy out and spread it over the den.  Tornadoes have nothing on the Dynamic Duo. 

Tomorrow will be an exciting day of grocery shopping where Lyssa will get to wear her new fashion accessory, her harness . She has learned how much fun it is to run....away.  Then home again to shovel all the toys back in the pen.  Kayla's therapist comes Tuesday and it is always nice if she can get in the den without having to turn sideways.

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