Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I've been married for nearly 42 years and still don't understand the male species. 

I got the girls up for church, fed them, chased them down to dress them, and then chased them down again to load them in the carseats.  The girls were having their birthday party today at Nanny Ruth's so I had ordered the cake and got the plates, ice cream, etc. for the dinner......all Chuck had to do was his normal routine and show up.  I taught my Sunday school class, did my paperwork, got the Duo from nursery and headed to the lunch.  As I have mentioned before.....all Chuck had to do was show up.  I fed one twin while the other one played, then switched.....while Chuck ate and talked cows with his brother in law.  I got the cake and ice cream out for the girls to see and everybody to sing 'Happy Birthday' to.....and he talked cows.  We moved on to opening presents so I sat in the floor with the twins to show them all the stuff they got.  By this time I'm a little peeved so I gave Chuck the camera....I mean surely he can take a few pictures while I'm wrestling with them.  He is STILL talking cows.  

When we are getting ready to leave, I'm cleaning up the mess and ask Chuck to pick up the toys while I load the presents in the car.  I come back......and pick up the toys while he is talking.....load the rest of the stuff and girls.  THEN he asks me what I told him to do.  hmmmm.....

He says I don't listen to him......I say I'm going to smother him with a pillow.   When we got home, I found that he had taken four pictures....and only one of them had both of the girls in it.

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