Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

The girls are so different....Lyssa wants her own bed, by herself....don't let the door hit you in the back when you leave her alone to go to sleep.  Alas, Kayla is our problem sleeper....she has to have a warm body to sleep against....usually me. 

Naptime.  I tell them it is naptime and Lyssa runs to her room and says "up!"  She finds her baby and she's finished with me.  Kayla disappears.  After I fish her out of her latest hidey hole, we go to lie down in my bed.  Her crib has monsters in it in the daytime.  I wrap her in her blanket so she can't roll and crawl from side to side and say a serious "nite, nite!"  She snugs up against me and scrunches her eyes close so I close mine to bore her to sleep.  

She talks...I ignore.  She gives me kisses....I ignore.  Finally, she rubs my hair in a rhythm....rub, rub, pause...then rub, rub, pause.  Finally, after about five minutes, I open my eyes to see what in the world she is doing.  She is licking her hand until it is dripping, then wiping it in my hair....over and over and over.  Now that I've chewed her out and have gotten her to sleep finally, I think I will go wash my hair.

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