Monday, August 15, 2011

Indy 500 Sundays

Sundays are a little stressful around here. You'd think any halfway intelligent person could get two little people presentable and at church by a reasonable time.  We get up early on Sunday....I don't know why.  There must be some high frequency alarm system that only the Duo can hear because six or six thirty is usually the limit.  It seems since we get up earlier we should have more time but it doesn't work that way.  Sunday time is takes twice as long to get anything done, especially Duo-wise.  I know a lot of people say they sleep a little later, read the paper a little longer, have a nice breakfast, then leisurely get dressed and off to church.  I think they're lying.....Sundays here are like the Indy 500. 

Kayla, of course, wakes me up worried about her dog, ducks, cows, and turkeys.....thankfully, we don't have all those things but we have to go check the dog for sure.  Lyssa is yelling by this time and we go check the hummingbirds out.  The Duo don't think they can go in one direction....if one goes east, the other is programed to automatically go west.  Herding takes a lot of running and cutting off at the pass which is hilarious fun.  Why am I not skinny??   Now...breakfast.  Any other day, they eat in their high chairs easily.  Sundays their chairs must have thorns or thumbtacks because there is no way they will sit for scrambled eggs.  I give them Cheerios in bowls on the floor so I can get out of my pajamas.  I come back and the Cheerios had to have bred and exploded all over the den and dining room.  It's 8 am and I'm in a housecoat and lucky if I've gotten to brush my teeth. 

I finally get us all dressed...and redressed...and redressed.  Hair has been fixed...and refixed and finally given up on.  One of the biggest challenges is finding four shoes that are matching.  For some reason Kayla always has one missing from each pair.  I live in a dream world and put their hair bows in the car to put on when we get there. 

We head out the door and I turn to lock it....and lose what little tiny strand of control I had.  They escape.  We have a new cellar in the back yard that that of course, has turned a mud bog with the recent rain and Lyss runs for her shiny white dress shoes and frilly dress.  I head for her and Kayla runs for the nearest puddle.  I yell and slow her down long enough to grab Lyss....pulling her out of her shoes and hike for Kayla.  Kayla splashes in the mud but just gets it on her shoes so strip those off too.  I plunk Lyss in her car seat so I can pin Kayla in hers.  Lyssa gets loose and crawls to the drivers seat while I snap Kayla in.  Finally get both of them contained so I can rescue and clean shoes, wash feet and clean runny noses. 

We are finally on our way with twenty minutes till church.  Halfway there I look down and my toes in my sandals are muddy and I have muddy foot prints on my pants.  Forget the hair bows...I need a change of clothes to take to church. 

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  1. All of that would probably make me stay home and watch Church on TV. LOL