Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adoptions.....Part Two or Living in Neverland

As I've posted before AND people are quick to remind me.....I'm fifty-nine years old and thought I would be a nifty grandmother but never a mother again.  Hmmmm...there's that word "never" again.  AND the twins were just a temporary arrangement...right???

Even though it became apparent Chuck and I were going to be raising the Duo, we still didn't think about adopting them.  A legal guardianship would allow us to take care of any need, especially medical, so we thought we were set.  We also liked to think (back to our fantasy world) that one day our daughter would grow up, get well, have a huge lightbulb moment and want to take care of all three of her children.  Well, it happens in soap operas....  I do spend a lot of time in my own little fantasy world. 

One day, about seven months into this project, I realized we were always going to be living in this limbo, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  She could petition the court, at any time, to drop the guardianship, win and walk out with them.  She could even let someone else adopt them, which she had threatened, and we would never see them again.  It was one thing to whine about all my travel and retirement dreams going capoot but it was another very different thing to be faced with losing these babies forever.  The word, adoption, raised its head and the ball was rolling.  Never is now.

The rest is pretty boring...paperwork....screening.....home inspection...more paperwork and then the big day.

All of our other adoptions were done in the judge's chamber,  pretty casual and lowkey, but this time it was to be held in the court room.  For some reason that made it much more solemn.  At least, at first.  The attorney chose me to answer all the questions then Chuck could just be sworn in and say he agreed.  He was holding Lyssa because she is usually our wild child and I had Kayla, who is our little quiet child.  So here I am, sworn in...solemnly answering these very important questions....and Kayla starts giving me kisses.  Not just one or two, but I'm drowning in them!  We are all trying to keep solemn and straight faces......but she doesn't like to be ignored so she starts biting.  When she gets it in her head to bite, she is a pirahna.   She has me in this death grip and the judge is nearly rolling in the floor.  Somehow I don't think this was the way his court usually went.

The adoption was a momentus occasion.. I have the marks to prove it.... and I'm never doing it again.

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