Monday, April 11, 2011

History of the Duo part 8 (or Blazing new Territory)

Lyssa's Sanctuary...

Other mothers of twins have told me .....several times.....that their twins had to be touching when they slept, couldn't stand to be out of sight from each other, etc, etc.  Now the Dynamic Duo must not be normal then.  They love to see each other in the morning but there's no sleeping done if they are in the same room.  We went from, both in the same crib, to two cribs in one room.... to the misery of us all.  I finally quit listening to every one  else and moved to Lyssa to her own room.  She loves it.  No one is yelling at her so she can't go to sleep or yelling at her to wake up.  Kayla doesn't believe in being the only child....even for a little while.  If she's up, everybody needs to be up.

At the "before common sense told us we were permanent" time when we thought this is all temporary, I wasn't going to decorate the nursery.  Hey, this was only a few months, right??  I didn't want to be too attached, right??  Especially the room we moved Lyss to, since that was our exercise room, I didn't do anything except make a space for a crib and chair.  Now, a few months behind, I'm decorating nursery rooms. 

While I was gone out of town, the man came to paint Lyssa's room.  Chuck called me and asked me if it was supposed to be pink....and in my vast wisdom, I told him, yes, it was very pale, mother of pearl, pink.  So in his vast wisdom, says, "okay."  I come home to a PINK nearly Pepto Bismol pink room!  Hmmm....this was enough to scare an self respecting bunny or butterfly away.  Since repainting would take an act of congress and as I had 'told' him it was supposed to be pink, I had to put away the pastels and go diva-ish.  Zebra striped curtains, rug and accessories makes it look like it was all planned.  It hasn't given Lyssa nightmares either. 

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  1. So glad to see you are back to writing !! I sure missed your blog, so had to pull up #7. LOL