Friday, April 15, 2011

History of the Dynamic Duo Part 9 (or Butterflies are free)

Kayla's Conk Out Palace......

Once my older kids where gone from home, I found I finally had a guest room that I could decorate all by my self.  This was a heady experience and I loved it.  I finally had my pretty yellow and navy room.  Of course, this was BDD (before Dynamic Duo).  I fought it.  I wanted my room.  Alas it was not to be.  My beautiful handmade yellow and white quilt was put up, the bed moved out and the crib moved in, until that  nefarious "one day."   But wait!  This is all temporary....just a few months maybe.

 I never knew it but a house actually shrinks drastically when a baby comes in.  I'm not sure how it happens but there doesn't seem to be any way to stop it.  These two tiny scraps of humanity come in and take up more room than two adults.  How can that be??  Their "stuff" overflows into every room in a matter of days.
All they consume is formula but the kitchen is magically conformed into baby land.  One bathroom can only be used by tiny people since bath tubs, supplies and diaper genie take up all the room.  Anyone else in dire need better search elsewhere fast.  And then there is the double stroller that takes up one closet all by itself.  Okay, enough whining and back to Kayla's boudoir.

Kayla's bedroom is still a work in process for the simple reason, I hate to shop.  Slowly it is coming together with butterflies and flowers but it is a petal at a time.  By the time she is totally sick of it and wants skull and crossbones, it should be finished. 


  1. I will NEVER believe you hate to shop!!! lol

  2. I love the buggy theme. You can go from butterflies to creapy crawlies as she gets older.

  3. it makes a very cute baby girl room!!!!!