Monday, April 18, 2011

The Dynamic Duo's First Authentic Photo Op

I'm ashamed to say that the twins are eighteen months old and I have just gotten up my nerve to have their pictures taken.  When they first came home, they were less than five pounds, hooked up to all kinds of wires and very susceptible to germs.....that's my very good excuse.... seventeen months ago.  Okay, anyway, I finally did it and the first thought when I saw the proofs!  They're little girls, not babies anymore. 

I look forward to every milestone but every step means they are growing up fast.  Of course, I want them to grow but it is bittersweet too.  There is nothing like holding a small baby when she looks at you like you are the only thing in her world.  Enough of the sad maudlin stuff and on to the adventure of the photo adventure!

The photographer thought the park would be a good site and it did make a gorgeous background.    I'm thinking, maybe we should have started with something a little more confining though, like something the size of a small cell.  The thing about two little girls is they insist on going in two different directions....nearly always.  At home, one might be sitting on the other one's head and heaven forbid if one is in my lap without the other.  If Kayla gets up from a nap, she whines until Lyss wakes up to be with her.  Take them out in public and it's a whole different ballgame....they are like herding cats. 

Oh I also had this wonderful fantasy of holding hands and their beautiful bows in their hair.  Well, we might have two pictures before they threw the bows away and they couldn't have been super glued together.

The photographer, in her infinite wisdom, brought her husband with her.  He was in charge of Kayla and I had Lyssa.  We found out, after running after them for at least a mile, that we could count to three....plunk them down...jump back, and voila!  The shot looked so posed!  Kayla ran and ran, away from the photographer of course, then unexpectedly plunked down in a field of dandelions....priceless.  Lyssa wouldn't pose, wouldn't stop, and then turned and gave the camera the sweetest, most winsome smile.....gorgeous.

I just can't understand why I waited so long. 

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  1. They are just beautiful, and the pictures turned out really good.