Saturday, April 2, 2011

The History of the Duo. (part 7)..or The Dreaded Hogpen

Shortly after we got the Duo home, we started accumulating all the paraphenalia we thought we couldn't make it without.  The only thing we had when we walked throught the door was a borrowed crib.  They both could sleep sideways in it and everyone told us the twins would want to be touching when they slept.  Problem was, no one told the Duo that.  Kayla's monitor was super sensitive and went off when she cried, then Lyss woke up to sympathize with her.  Lyss loved from the very first to poke at Kayla....and not a friendly nudge but a slap or finger poke in the eye.  They liked to be together when awake but sleeping was serious business and they didn't want company.  As long as the monitors were on we needed to keep them in one room but Miss Lyss needed her own territory so we got her another crib. 

In the daytime we would keep them in the living room in a playpen.  Two playpens later, we had to come up with a better plan.  The Duo didn't like to be squeezed together with the monitors in one playpen but they didn't like to be separated
 completely.  Even
after we got rid of the monitors, they just still didn't like those playpens.  Putting them on a pallet was an invitation to roll under the nearest piece of furniture and it was better if they could get good and wedged there.  Lyssa, especially, was our escape artist and before she was crawling she could roll/scoot across the den, into the dining room and under the table, to wait for discovery.   Kayla would scoot on her back until she hit something....then yelled until we turned her around so she could repeat the process.

Leaving them alone to go to the bathroom was an invitation for an adventure.  At least one would be hiding or stuck under something yelling.  We had to corrall them somehow.  Enter the hogpen.

At one time, we had furniture in our we have the hogpen.  Visitors need to be prepared to either sit on the floor or fight for the few seats available. 

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