Friday, August 12, 2011

Mornings at the Zoo

I have great admiration for mothers that work.  I whine about not getting to work but I'm not sure I could find one with hours that I could handle. 

Our mornings start at midnight....none of this late sleeping for us.  Kayla is a very light....very spoiled sleeper.  The girls go to bed at 8:30 and by 11 or 12, Kayla is ready for company.  She cries like she's scared to death so she is either a really good actress or having monster nightmares.  I'm beginning to be a little suspicious.  After the initial hysteria, she will lie right down and go back to long as it is up against a warm body.  I had said I would never sleep with one of my children but around here, if I want to sleep, I'm usually the warm body.

At daybreak she is nose to nose with me, giving me kisses and pointing to the window saying "dog!"  Kayla is our dog person and has to check on them at first light.  Thankfully, Lyssa is oblivious to dawn.  We walk outside watching the hummingbirds, cows and dogs until she decides she needs a cookie.  Now cookie to Kayla is anything from mashed potatoes and gravy to scrambled eggs.  It's her word for food of all kinds....just like tea stands for milk, applejuice or water.  She speaks a quirky English. 

Lyssa joins us and the fun begins.  Kayla will eat just about anything......Lyssa is very suspicious of anything I might give her.  Today, scrambled eggs and cereal met with a snub so Pop Tarts and a banana saved her from starvation.  Kayla ate some of all.

Now on to the bathroom ritual.  Lyssa doesn't think she can sit on the potty without brushing her teeth so she sits and brushes while I brush Kayla's with one hand and hold her down with the other.  The games have officially begun.  Lyssa runs off barebottomed so I will chase her down to save the toothbrush from oblivion and Kayla escapes.  I finally get both faces washed and hair wait, one has already taken her ponytail out, so I start over.  I hold down and change one diaper on a wiggly girl while the other one escapes to hide.  Kayla still thinks if she puts her hands over her eyes, she's hidden, so she's easy.  Lyssa has really learned to hide though.  Fifteen minutes later we are start getting dressed to the same hide and seek game.  By that time both have lost their ponytails and the hair is sticking straight up.

Finally, they are dressed, have their glasses on and watching Sesame Street.  All is calm.  Maybe it is safe for me to get dressed finally.  I come back in ten minutes and Lyssa is naked . Kayla has no ponytail and has pulled out all the diaper by one in the den floor.   Glasses are hidden along with the diaper and clothes.  I finally get everything back to normal..... just in time for Chuck to come in for lunch and ask what I've been doing all morning.  It's a zoo.


  1. very funny!!! i am sure he knows just how hard u really work with those 2!!!

  2. I'm sorry Pat, but I could never handle what you do, God has given you extraordinary powers, I'm sure of that. But you are so blessed and I thank you for sharing The Dynamic Duo with us !!!!! love you

  3. First time reader. Pat your story makes me glad I've only one grandchild. Youre blessed with patience and a humor most only dream of. Love ya,Steve