Saturday, August 6, 2011

Twenty-two Months and Counting

Very shortly the Duo will have their second birthday.  Though their start was a little rocky, I can tell that they are ahead of their age now.....the terrible twos have been here for several months.

Yesterday, they both were in the kitchen jabbering and it dawned on me they had really been in there a long time.  I checked and Lyssa was standing on the counter microwave showing Kayla, who was standing on the bar, all the cereal and cookies that were in the top shelf.  Lyssa looked like she was working out their menu for the day.  They had pushed a high chair in the kitchen to climb on. I've learned if it is quiet.....there's trouble brewing.

Though they still speak their own version of "Twinese," English is creeping in more and more.  We are monitoring their TV watching more because they are little parrots that will repeat everything they hear.

 Lyssa is still the happy go lucky, into everything, child.  She is stringing several words together to make comprehensive sentences now. She imitates a lot, and can flap her arms like a chicken, dance, and even does a little sign language. She can tell me the birds are hungry (hummingbirds at the feeder), she wants a bite, or she needs a drink. Everything is an adventure to Lyss and she's going full out to see what she can see.  After the initial shyness, she loves to meet and talk to just about long as I'm within sight.  She is also my tattletale.  She will run to me, pointing to Kayla, and have a shocked Oh!!! look on her face.  Of course, sometimes she's trying to hide her own tracks such as when she knocks the cookie bag off the counter and then points to Kayla in the other room.

Kayla is still improving with her dexterity and one of her favorite things is to try to stand on her head. She has the head and hand positions down great and can get one leg up but the other one is still giving her a little trouble.  She, too, is getting much more vocal....especially when she wants something. We have deep conversations in the morning where she holds my face and seriously talks quietly to me and then has to give me smacking kisses.  She is the follower right now, but that tends to go back and forth every few months.  Kayla is much more attached to me and not as happy to stay with anyone else for long.  We are going to get back in a schedule of them going to daycare once a week so maybe this will help her be less dependent.  She wakes up every morning calling for the dogs, birds, ducks, anything that will get her out of that bed and hopefully, outside.  I can see her in a few years with a haberdashery of pets.  One of her favorite things is to go out and "talk" to our cow dog, Abby, eyeball to eyeball.  Abby loves her.

It seems like if I blink they have grown.  Every day is a new experience.  I never think about if I'm going to have the energy to keep up with them because it is always just there.  I don't worry about what I'm going to do when they, and I, are older because I am confident that it will be taken care of too.  Things just have a way of falling in place most of the time.  Now teenage years.....that may be the ultament experience.

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