Friday, August 5, 2011

The making of ballerinas

I've taken a wild urge to make tutus for the Duo.  I think it has something to do with being cooped up for so many hot days in this house with two wild things.  I can't actually do much sewing with them around. Needles would either find their way into mouths or feet, and a sewing machine would really be a new toy.  So therefore, I settled on tutus.  Mostly, it is tying knots and very little actual sewing. 

Lyssa is fascinated by the tulle.  She wraps herself in it like a mummy and slip slides across the floor. Kayla thinks if she pulls it over her head it makes her invisible and she loves to sneak up on me. There are bits stuck everywhere, including diapers making them look like spiders have built cobwebs in some unlikely spots. Another thing the Duo found out was tulle on the laminate floor is as slippery as greased spit and running, sliding and falling has been hilarious....until it's not. 
I don't know what it is about tutus but when they put them on, they become dancers.  They've never actually seen a ballerina so how do they know to start spinning and jumping around the floor?

The Duo will be flower girls (yikes!!) in a September wedding so I'm making them some fancy ones for that.  I'm sure they will be perfect little fairy princesses for that.....well we can live in hope. It should be hilarious whatever they do.  I have thought seriously about tying them together so it's less running on my part.

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  1. Hello from follower 26! I learned about you from Ralph and Sandy. I have almost 9-month-old twins. You amaze me. I've read the entire blog in recent days. Incredible story! Thank you for sharing.