Thursday, June 30, 2011

Four Eyes Duo Style

The Duo may be Dynamic but like most of our family......they are going to be legally blind.  We finally made the dreaded visit to the eye doctor that culminated in glasses being ordered.  We knew this day was coming, in fact, I had put it off for two months before the guilt got too bad.  I just can't imagine how two little girls, less than two years old, are going to manage to keep glasses on their heads.  Super Glue is considered child abuse.  I did the best I could by ordering the ones that look like they could be made by Rubbermaid, and a strap that fits all around their head.  The frames are supposed to be completely unbreakable and we are hoping for the best on the lens.

Kayla is going to be a softball pitcher when she's a little older.  I can tell by the way she can chunk anything....hat, hair bow, food and especially a sippy cup, across the room before I can say "don't do it!!"  When the very nice lady put the glasses on to measure, she had them off and pitched with three adults trying to stop the momentum.

Lyssa is more laid back.  Any hat or hairbow stays on until my back is turned and then mysteriously disappears.  I'm still looking for her stash.  She liked the attention she got when she tried the glasses on but enough was enough and she politely handed them back.  I have big hopes for her wearing them at least ten minutes before they go into her stash.

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