Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burnt Offerings

Yesterday, I burnt part of our supper.  That in itself is not so unusual but it got me thinking.  I seem to make more mistakes like that than Chuck.  I load the washer and forget to turn it on, I get only half the vacuuming done and leave the vacuum in the middle of the room or I start running the Duo's bath and walk out with the water running.  Chuck doesn't ever seem to do those things.  He must have it together more than I do. 

Like yesterday....I had gone to get groceries and Jaiden, our eight year old granddaughter, had a hair appointment.  Anyone that has a girl that age knows their mind is only about a minute long.  She was drastically changing her mind on a haircut even as it was being snipped.  The hair stylist and I were using sign language before she was finished.  I'm pretty sure I didn't give her a big enough tip.  Then on to Walmart with the biggest pint size impulse buyer on the planet.  They put out the red carpet when they see her coming.  I thought I was super organized...even had my list in hand, and STILL managed to forget the two most important items....bread and milk.  Of course, it was all my fault and had nothing to do with the constant, water-on-stone badgering that Jaiden was doing. Chuck had decided the Duo should stay home with him since it was so hot.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that they were napping and he was planning on doing the same thing.

I came home a little frazzled to two little girls that were so happy to see me and ready to play.  Chuck was off duty after a strenuous job of napping and reading while they slept, so he went to take a shower and then settle in his recliner to rest.  All I had to do was cook dinner while bathing two little ones that had gotten muddy, change two unexpected diapers AFTER said bath, keep Jaiden from dropping them on their heads while teaching them gymnastics, find Lyssa's diaper that she hid so she could streak...and that's all.  I STILL managed to burn supper.....

Chuck just said supper didn't look too bad and said he would go get the stuff I had forgotten....after sighing and explaining that I needed to write a list so that wouldn't happen again.  What would I do without him????

I do have to clarify that Chuck does work extremely hard.....just not in the house.

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