Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miss Lyss

Though it takes her a little while to warm up to strangers, Lyss is the happiest child.  She wakes up with a grin and goes to bed with a wave and a "nite, nite."  A camera in sight means a grin and giggle.
The twin's personalities are totally different.  Where Kayla is more solemn, harder to satisfy at times, and cries more....Lyss is carefree, into EVERYTHING, wants to see everything, and just happy go lucky.  She doesn't say as many words but seems to have a very good grasp on what is being said to her.  She follows simple instructions....when she wants to.  She's found out the fun of running away tho.......running away when I want to put  her clothes on....running away when I'm ready to put her in her high chair and most importantly.....running away when it's time to come in from play time.  She is the type of child that harnesses were invented for.

She's my climber...therefore she is also my reason we have very little furniture.  Dining room chairs are a thing of the past...they were her way to get on the table and dance.  The back of a large chair, formerly in the den, was a perfect perch to sit on and jump off when someone came by.  She just knew someone would catch her before she fell.  End tables have disappeared, along with anything else climbable.  It's a sparse house we live in now.  What has not been moved out, has been barricaded.  Bungee straps and child proof locks are my new friends but they just slow her down....they don't stop her.  

She is also so much fun.  Everything is a new adventure and usually something to laugh about.  She loves to give me kisses when Papa is looking so he will grab her, tickle her and steal kisses.  She's a nudist this week and I hope this is a passing fancy......but I also shudder to think what she will think of next. 

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