Friday, July 18, 2014

One more big leap for the Duo

The twins are doing great. They are very verbal, with a good vocabulary. Kayla still has a slight lazy tongue so she slurs some of her words, which will be solved when she is in school. That is my subject....the dreaded school.....It is dreaded by me because that will be the end of the toddler realm and on to the "big school girls" part of their life. They are so excited about starting school in a few weeks and I'm so glad that they want to go. It's going to be a bigger adjustment for me probably than them. If someone had asked me what I would be doing right before my 63rd birthday, it definitely wouldn't have been getting two preschoolers ready for their big leap into education. Kayla is still my studious one and is really the leader of the pack. She is also the town crier so Lyssa can't get away with much. I told her she was a tattle tale and she agreed she was but she had to. They still play remarkably well together and work out most of their fusses without our involvement. I had wondered if I was doing the right thing by not putting them in a daycare so they had more interaction with other kids but I've decided they needed to have this time to grow closer as sisters. Lyssa is my free spirit and has a huge imagination still. She is usually a princess and needs a dance partner. Poor Chuck has to dance many times with her when he is not playing soft ball with her. She is also the athlete right now. She spent the early Spring playing TBall and found...when the season was nearly done....that she loved it. I see myself on the road with this kid a lot to sporting events. Kayla had no interest in playing but does like basketball so we will see on that. They both love books and like to "read" to well as being read to. Kayla likes to play the piano and we may look into lessons later. Right now PreK is the biggest thing on the horizon. I'm anxious to see how their personalities will expand. We went on our first vacation this year to Branson and it was so easy. I'm still a little in shock because I was actually dreading the thought of hanging on to both of them. I don't think they could have been any better. We may live dangerously and do it again next year.

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  1. Love your up dates on your children!! Donna Kates