Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Year!

So many things have happened since I've written anything. The girls are old hats at the potty training. Their vocabulary has tripled and there's not much left of the baby era. I miss having the tiny babies but I must say....most of the time....four year olds are easier. Going to stores was definitely easier in carriers I just tie them in harnesses. They can vocalize their needs and that's huge. They are learning to play without an adult within arm's reach. Their imagination is huge and so much fun. We never know what animals lurk around the corner or who is coming for a tea party. Kayla will tell me something and it will be this huge tale that she has made up...then Lyss will take over and finish it. We have a dragon living with us frequently and it is nothing to have lions and elephants being fed in the bathtub. Lyssa is playing TBall but Kayla had no interest in it. She decided she would rather have a piano....hmmmm. Since Lyss had never actually even seen a bat or ball glove, it's been an interesting experience so far. She twirls, throws her glove, lies on her back looking at the clouds and becomes a limp noodle when it's time to bat. We can only get better. Kayla is the cheerleader deluxe. Through the four years, the girls have taken turns being the dominant it is Kayla as the leader of the pack. She is our reader and a book is in bed with her every night. She is the first in a door to meet new people and adventures and never sees a stranger. Lyss is a little more shy and has takes a little more time to warm up to new places and people but not long....she's usually ready for an adventure too. Kayla is our rancher and her favorite thing is to go feed with Papa. She tells me how many calves were born....usually four...that seems to be her favorite number, and where they came from. She's missing a few facts there and thinks the cows poop them out but has the general idea. I'm hoping we have more than four calves at some point. Lyss likes to go too but not if it interferes with sleeping a little later or cartoons. The girls will be going to preschool this fall along with their triplet friends. It should be a wild class but they are ready and tell us that is their school every time we pass by. As long as they are together they will be fine. Lyss is not ready to be separated though. Kayla is taking speech to help with a slight problem but I think this is pretty normal for this age and nothing a little maturity won't fix. She loves her teacher and since it is at the grade school, she thinks she's going to school. Lyss tags along most of the time and the teacher just puts her to work too. The girls are on the small, slim side but have been super healthy. We have been blessed with only minor colds. I really wish their preemie doctors could see them now. Each age the girls have been is my favorite until the next one. School is going to be a big adjustment for all of us though. They've never consistently been away from me and they have been my focus for over four years. I'm thinking I'm going to have a lot harder time than they are.

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