Saturday, August 17, 2013

The nighttime phantom

Our younger son, Chad, was an interesting child. What he didn't try hasn't been thought of yet. I spent many hours guarding him in his time-out chair, getting him repaired at the ER, and listening to stressed out teachers. Mother told me I needed to write all of his escapades down because I would forget. I told her I would NEVER forget! Thankfully I have. Which brings me to the Duo. Lyss has a problem going to sleep. She gets up and wanders...she plays...she pilfers. It's a constant battle to keep her down. We find strange concoctions in her bed such as laundry soap, cookies, clothes baskets and band aids. She went to sleep in a laundry basket with a crown, heels and a wedding dress on. That worked until she tried to straighten up and had to yell for help. When getting up at night, we've learned to shuffle in case she has crashed in the middle of our bedroom floor. Finally, we gave up and put her on her little couch in the corner of the den where we can watch her until she nods off. She still doesn't sleep easily but she has an audience.

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